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🙌 Overview and Scout Introduction 🙌

🌎 Overview of Georgia Tech's Entrepreneurial Climate

Located in the heart of Tech Square in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia Tech has been rapidly emerging as a key part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Southeast. Tech's Administration has greatly invested in its own entrepreneurial climate, most notably with CREATE-X, Georgia Tech's primary initiative dedicated to helping its student founders at any stage of their entrepreneurial journeys. In addition to CREATE-X, Tech has invested in new startup competitions, Capstone design coursework, and connections with Atlanta-based startups to provide students with multiple possible avenues to further their interest in entrepreneurship.

👋 Georgia Tech Scouts

Smita Mohindra, Georgia Tech ‘22

Smita is a junior at Georgia Tech studying computer science. At Tech, she serves as a Teaching Assistant for CS1332 (Data Structures & Algorithms) and has been involved in Robogals, an organization dedicated to teaching young girls how to code. As a scout, Smita is excited to serve as a resource for all founders on campus and connect them with opportunities to further their endeavors!

Mehul Rastogi, Georgia Tech ‘24 ⛏

Mehul is a rising Sophomore at Georgia Tech, majoring in Computer Science. At Tech, he leads the External Relations team at Startup Exchange. Mehul was born and raised in a city in northern India, Kanpur. He is extremely passionate about technology, startups, venture, and products. He is the Co-Founder of a startup, Caperfy, an online community-building platform for niche interests. He is the Co-Host of a bi-weekly podcast, Capercast, where he engages in interesting conversations with founders and investors. This summer, he is interning as a Venture Analyst at Untapped Ventures. Outside the classroom, he likes to play table tennis, travel, and try different cuisines. As a scout, Mehul is extremely excited to serve as a resource for founders and help them in actualizing their vision. 🧑‍💻 Website - 📩 Contact-

Ritvik Ramakrishnan, Georgia Tech '23

Ritvik is a rising junior studying Computer Science & Economics at Georgia Tech. He has spent a great deal of time building and launching startups, such as Flaer and Kalvi, as a CREATE-X Scholar via its accelerator program. Moreover, he has internship experience as a Data Analyst and Software Engineer, and he is currently a Data Scientist Intern at IBM. As a Venture Scout, through his technical acumen and startup experience, he spearheads various events and opportunities for founders across the Georgia Tech ecosystem, connecting them with key resources necessary to accelerate their startup initiatives!

🏫 Admin/School Led Resources 🏫


CREATE-X offers entrepreneurship programs for all students, from incoming freshmen and undergraduate students of all years, to masters and Ph.D. students. The programs are organized into three categories: LEARN, MAKE and LAUNCH. Startups that have gone through the CREATE-X initiative have created dozens of new jobs, generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue, secured institutional financing, and run successful crowdfunding campaigns. These startups serve both large corporate customers and hundreds and thousands of consumers.

Startup Lab

Startup Lab (COE 2701, CS 2701, MGT 4803) teaches evidence-based entrepreneurship. This semester-long three-credit class covers ideation, teaming, customer discovery, MVPs, and the business model canvas. In this hands-on course for undergraduate students at Georgia Tech, students learn how to launch a technology startup by combining in-class lectures with out-of-class learning. You will discover a compelling value proposition thesis by going out and interviewing people. You will need to commit six hours a week of time outside of the class time to be successful.

Tech Ventures

In the course, Tech Ventures (ECE 8803), different elements including customer discovery, cognitive biases, rapid prototyping, and pivots will be covered. In addition, general entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship topics such as teaming, ideation, leadership, negotiation, and capital raises will be covered. Principles of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship will be included.

Idea to Prototype (I2P)

Idea to Prototype (I2P) is a signature element of CREATE-X MAKE. In I2P, students get faculty mentors, guidance, seed funding, and additional university resources to build functional prototypes of their ideas. Students earn three undergraduate research credit hours for each semester they enroll in the course (up to six maximum).

CREATE-X Capstone Design

A special section of Capstone Design is dedicated to entrepreneurial projects. In this section, student teams comprised of ME, ECE, and CS students will design and build prototypes of their invention ideas and explore whether there is a market demand and value proposition for them.

Startup Launch

CREATE-X’s Startup Launch is a program for Georgia Tech students and alumni who want to launch their projects from idea stage (or beyond) into fully functioning and viable startups.

InVenture Prize

Nicknamed "American Idol for Nerds," the Emmy Award-winning InVenture Prize at Georgia Tech is an interdisciplinary innovation competition open to all undergraduate students and recent graduates of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Created in 2009 and organized by Georgia Tech faculty, the competition brings together student innovators from all academic backgrounds across campus in an effort to foster creativity, invention, and entrepreneurship. Partnered with Georgia Public Broadcasting, the InVenture Prize transforms an ordinary invention contest into an electrifying televised competition.

Deep Startups

Deep Startups is an Idea Series that features knowledgeable entrepreneurs who discuss their experiences forming companies that solve big-picture current problems. These individuals speak to the concept of ‘deep startups’ and how to create companies that make a difference. Each Deep Startups event focuses on a different broad topic in engineering/technology, and allows for student Q&A at the end of the event.

Create-X Scholars

This is a scholarship program for incoming freshmen who want to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)

The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is Georgia’s technology business incubator, assisting entrepreneurs throughout the state. Via a unique blend of coaching, curriculum, community, and connections – not just to Georgia Tech and its resources, but also to capital and customers, ATDC helps Georgia startups at various stages navigate the choppy waters of taking an idea from concept to product prototype to launch and ultimately to scale. ATDC annually graduates successful portfolio companies.


VentureLab works with faculty and students to create startups based on Georgia Tech research using evidence-based entrepreneurship. Staffed by engineers and entrepreneurs, VentureLab is the place to get guidance, funding, and best practices for building your startup. They don’t charge fees and don’t take equity in your company. They're here to serve the Georgia Tech community and bring its innovations to market.

I-Corps Site at Georgia Tech

An ideal way to start “getting out of the building” and discovering the commercial potential of your research or invention, the I-Corps Site at Georgia Tech program provides instruction and travel reimbursement for early customer discovery.

NSF I-Corps

The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program was founded in 2011 with the twin goals of increasing the quality of startups emerging from NSF-funded basic research, while teaching NSF researchers about entrepreneurship and how to recognize opportunities for commercializing their research. Georgia Tech is the home for I-Corps South, one of seven regional nodes for the I-Corps program.

App Lab

A “hackerspace” devoted to the creation of mobile applications and technologies across a range of platforms. It is equipped with the software and hardware necessary for mobile app development.

CHANGE ACCELERATOR @ Center for Deliberate Innovation(CDI)

The CDI has launched a Change Accelerator towards social justice. This program is looking to bring together a community of individuals and teams that want to work on game-changing projects that will further their causes around social justice, diversity, inclusion, equity, Black Lives Matter, etc.

Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC)

The Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC) is dedicated to helping students create and showcase innovative and viable products and experiences with the support of campus and industry resources and guidance. CIC categories are determined by community and industry partners. Winning entries will include a viable end-to-end prototype which operates on converged services, media, networks, and/or platforms. CIC entries can be based on class projects, student research projects, as well as personal hobbies and interests.

Ideas to Serve Competition

Ideas to Serve is an early stage idea or product competition. They foster social innovation, encouraging students to: identify and build on the assets of the communities they want to serve; research the solution landscape to learn from both what works, and what failed (and why); take a systems approach to identify the root cause versus the symptoms of the issue; conduct customer discovery to better understand the needs of the community; to carefully consider the possible unintended consequences of any solution they might propose.

Georgia Tech Integrated Programs for Startups (GT:IPS)

The Georgia Tech Integrated Programs for Startups (GT:IPS) helps form companies based on Georgia Tech innovations. GT:IPS is a streamlined licensing process and facilitation program that provides training and support to Georgia Tech faculty and students interested in launching companies based on Georgia Tech intellectual property.

Entrepreneurship @ GT Computing

To highlight GT Computing entrepreneurs and inspire those that follow, GT Computing has established the John P. Imlay Jr. Series on Entrepreneurship. This series profiles GT Computing students, alumni, and faculty that are shaping the College's entrepreneurial culture.

Legal Buzz

Legal Buzz is an opportunity for students to have their legal questions answered by lawyers from Troutman Sanders. It is free to attend all Legal Buzz sessions. Legal Buzz takes place in the Fall and Spring semester.

🤩 Student-Led Resources 🤩

Startup Exchange

Startup Exchange (SX) is the largest student-led entrepreneurial community at Georgia Tech. It supports and inspires its founders to create and develop their ideas in the city of Atlanta. SX aims to help entrepreneurs thrive by providing them a network of founders, resources for company development and speaker events.

Rising Entrepreneurship Society (RES@GT)

The mission of RES@GT is to promote student entrepreneurship by providing hands-on experience with building startups and navigating the venture capital (VC) world. RES@GT aims to foster a community of motivated and innovative individuals who are equipped with the skills and education to lead startups from conception to the growth stage. RES@GT is focused on developing relationships with VC firms, bring in knowledgeable speakers, and equipping members with the tools to succeed.


HackGT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and student organization consisting of Georgia Tech undergraduate students focused on being the drivers of computer science outreach in the Georgia Tech, state, and national communities. Through throwing large-scale collegiate hackathons of upwards of 1000 people to small-scale hackathons and workshops, our organization aims to spread the spirit of application, innovation, and creativity in computer science education.

Women @ College of Computing

Women@CC provides an avenue for female students to receive professional training, discuss academics, and meet other females in a primarily male-dominated field. The club provides a variety of activities, ranging from movie nights to resume workshops to the Grace Hopper Conference. Members of the organization form close bonds with other members, facilitating their involvement in the College of Computing student community.

Minorities @ College of Computing

Through academic, social, and professional events, the Minorities at the College of Computing club strives to empower underrepresented groups within the College of Computing with opportunities that promote excellence, community development, and leadership amongst members, as well as foster growth to help support the leaders of tomorrow.

Georgia Tech Society of Women in Business

The Society of women in Business is a group of 75 undergraduate women from all years and areas of study. Its main goal is to develop our members through our three pillars of community, development and networking.

Big Data Big Impact

Big Data Big Impact is focused on building a community for people who love data. It is first and foremost an educational project-based organization focused on using data pipelining, analysis, and visualization techniques to make social impact.

Georgia Institute of Tech. Mastering Android Development (GITMAD)

GITMAD's mission is to educate and spread their passion for mobile applications at Georgia Tech.

iOS Club

GT iOS Club is aimed to teach key iOS development skills. It believes that the best way to learn is to actually build a product. A huge part of the program is focusing on having members developing a game of their own and putting it up on the app store. For beginners, building an iOS game is an excellent start because games are universally enjoyable, are easy to program, and are motivationally interesting. The culture of the club is focused around building a working app to push to the app store.

GT Web Developers (GT WebDev)

Provides community, assistance, and education to CoC students interested in Web Development through a reliable and well-formed process maintained by dedicated individuals.

Invention Studio

The Invention Studio is a student-run organization located in the Flowers Invention Studio. It supports all students, staff, and faculty in building their dream project, whether it’s for research, personal or academic usage. The Invention Studio tools are 100% free to use.

🚗 Relevant Off-Campus Resources 🚗


This program is located in the epicenter of startup activity in the Southeast U.S., helping entrepreneurs build meaningful companies and enduring brands. Applications open six times a year, and stay open typically for 12 weeks.

Atlanta Tech Village

Startups can feel lonely, which is why ATV created a Village. As an Atlanta Tech Village member, you’ll work alongside other passionate, supportive entrepreneurs who know exactly the challenges facing you. Every day, you’ll connect to the big ideas, talented people and funding you need to thrive.

Tech Square Ventures

Tech Square Ventures is an Atlanta-based early-stage venture capital firm. It partners with visionary entrepreneurs and help them with what they need most – access to markets and customers.

Tech Square Atlanta Social Club

TSQATL Social Club is a members-only community connecting individuals and companies seeking productive collaboration to a curated environment that fosters growth and innovation.

General Assembly

General Assembly is a startup space in Ponce city market offering several classes. General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

📕 Interesting classes on Entrepreneurship 📕

  • MGT 3743 Analysis of Emerging Technologies
  • MGT 3744 Managing Product, Service, & Technology Development
  • MGT 4117 Global Workforce Management
  • MGT 4611 Integrative Management Analysis
  • MGT 4803 Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 6086 Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity
  • MGT 6165 Venture Creation
  • MGT 6664 Managing Innovation
  • MGT 6667 Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 6789 Technology Ventures

👨‍🏫 CREATE-X & Startup Mentors @ Georgia Tech 👩‍🏫

Jim Pope CREATE-X Faculty Fellows

Anjali Thomas

  • Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Stefan France

  • College of Sciences

Olufisayo Omojokun

  • College of Computing

Kelly Griendling

  • College of Engineering